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Unboxing Simplicity: Daniel Wellington

Yes.  I know I can check the time on my smartphone.


I have had an affinity for watches for as long as I can remember.  I have always preferred more of the “sporty” styles.  In my 20’s my taste for watches stayed the same but I started exploring more formal designs.  Graduating college and entering the world of corporate America, my everyday wardrobe changed and so did my accessories.  This was also the start of attending many conferences, galas, and other formal events.

My first foray into formal styles started with a gift from my parents; a gold Michael Kors watch (see a similar one here).  This watch was such a departure from my style that I hardly wore it; and only special occasions.  Plus, I was afraid I would scratch just by wearing it (LOL).  The next watch I purchased is a mix of sporty and formal.  I know that sounds weird but I liked the pop of color and the casualness this Juicy Couture watch offered (see a similar one here).

Fast forward despite much protest with kicking and screaming of the kid inside me, I grew up and so did my taste in many things including my wardrobe and accessories.

I was in search of a watch with a design that is understated, clean and classic.  Lo and behold the classic that is Daniel Wellington.  I am IN LOVE with this brand.  The understated simplicity and elegance of all of its designs are exactly what I was looking for.  After obsessing with the brand, browsing their site and spending hours trying to figure out which one to get (because I really wanted to get all of them), I finally decided to get the Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford 0101DW, Blue.  I was so excited to unbox this beauty.

The design and style is so versatile with other interchangeable straps (available here).  It can be worn casual and formal.  It fits a whole array of wardrobe and is beautiful on both men and women.

I love its simple and minimalist design.  It is not bulky and its thinner profile make it a joy for everyday wear.  It is classic in all sense of the word and I believe it will certainly stand the test of time.
Visit and check out DW’s entire collection.