Love so unreal

I need to stop making it habit of posting once a year.  *sigh*

Looking back at my last post, I told the story of how it all began.  Finally on November 25, 2013, I was admitted to the hospital.  After 22 hours of inexplicably painful labor, a lot, and I really mean A LOT of needles and tubes, I was put under the knife and this 8lbs 6oz worth of life was finally delivered.


We welcomed Isaac Xander G. Nieto into the world, officially, at 9:12pm on November 26, 2013.  I was so out of it with all the drugs that I remember my husband asking, “So do you want to see him now?” and I nonchalantly said, “Oh sure!” HAHA!

To this day, I catch myself staring at his adorable little face and I can’t believe I have a son!

Isaac is now ever so curious about everything around him.  He want’s to touch everything and he wants to put everything in his mouth.  Eight months flew by and he’s no longer this helpless little babe.


You can read all the books and articles you can about preparing to be a parent but when the time comes, you will still feel like you’re not ready.  Like me, you will feel like it’s not enough; like you’re not doing enough.  But I’m learning, slowly but surely, that everything I am doing and everything I am going through, every parent has experienced. Being a parent is the most humbling experience I have ever gone through.

Having Isaac is when I learned about a very different kind of love.  A love that makes your heart expand that the world can fit in it.  Thankfully, Isaac has a father who loves him as much as I do.  He’s the best father Isaac could have.  My heart explodes with love for both of them.  It’s unreal.