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This whole blogging business is a little hard to keep up with, when you’re in my line of work.  A lot of exciting things have happened since my last post.  This being the most significant of all…

Happy Wedding Anniversary to US!

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Who knew this darn stick would change our lives forever! (Yes.  I had to test twice in one day)

We were in the “trying” phase of our family planning, which seemed like forever.  I researched forums upon forums and read about “trying”.  Although I have to admit that I am not very fond of the term “trying”.  It implies something that’s so obvious and something I feel a married couple should be allowed to keep private.  Of course, this doesn’t stop others from asking whether we were “trying” considering everybody around us were either pregnant or just gave birth.  But I digress.

During my “research”, I came across posts from many women who have expressed their frustrations regarding “trying” and many who have said once you start to just let it be and not “try” then it will happen.  Many say stress plays a big part.  Before throwing in the towel, I did consult a physician and was told that it is not a bad idea to get “checked out” once we hit the 1 year mark of actively trying.  This doesn’t mean something is wrong but rather just assures both the man and the woman that everything is in, lack of a better term, working order.  Apparently it takes a newly wed couple an average of 1 year to conceive.  We visited a specialist about a year in as advised by my primary physician.  My husband and I were given a booklet with information about the tests that would determine whether infertility treatments would be necessary.  After leaving the appointment, I went back to work.  While sitting in my cubicle, my heart sank.  I started tearing up at the thought of possibly needing medical treatment for something I was hoping we could achieve naturally.  But that was when I decided to, as they say, stop trying.  I figured it will happen when it happens.  I thought perhaps I was stressing too much about it.  I decided that I’d focus on work and stress about work instead.

About a month passed and on March 16th, the Saturday before the week of tests, I felt like wasting the left over pregnancy tests I had stocked up at home.  I stared at it expecting a negative result but holy crap! That second pink line appeared indicating I am pregnant.  I could not believe my eyes.  I hurried and FaceTime’d with my sister.  I showed her and she was screaming.  She said, “Wow! You’re really pregnant.  When I took my test, the other line was very faint.  Yours is a solid pink line!” We scheduled an appointment that following Wednesday to confirm with a doctor and lo and behold, that third week of March, it was confirmed that we are indeed expecting! Funny thing was that I was testing every morning until we got confirmation from the doctor because I just really could not believe it.

God really works in the most mysterious of ways.  During the weeks leading up to the tests, I kept telling my husband, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if I find out I’m pregnant right before we have to do those tests?” From my tongue to God’s ears indeed.  The following Friday, March 22nd, we celebrated our first year wedding anniversary.  This was the best anniversary gift one could ever have!