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Mini fortune for a Mini Luggage

Most of my life, I have never been into jewelry, shoes, or purses.  However, recently, I have grown a mini obsession with the Celine Mini Luggage *drool*.  

I find the design of this tote very classy, chic, and timeless.  It also has a vintage feel to it which I really love.

So, I went to Google in search of an affordable one.  I also tried eBay to see any selections they have in attempts of acquiring one.  To my dismay, they were all over $1000! With all other financial responsibilities, there is no way I can spend that kind of money right now.

ImageCeline Mini Luggage in Royal Blue

ImageCeline Mini Luggage in Fluo Pink

I see many that sport the black, nude, or even the tri-color ones.  But I’m dying over the royal blue and hot pink pictured above.  Why sport a casual black or nude when you can carry a flashy royal blue or the pretty hot pink? Eh.  It’s just me, maybe.  Maybe I’ll be able to afford one in the near future.  Stay tuned!

What have you been eying lately?


One thought on “Mini fortune for a Mini Luggage

  1. I’ve always coveted a Chanel 2.25, but once I saw the Celine Luggage Tote my allegiances changed really quickly. But, like you, I can’t afford one right now. Sigh…

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