The Trio

I have been living in the United States for 12 years now which means we (mom + dad + 2 sisters) haven’t lived together in one country for over 12 years.  Sacrifices, unfortunately, are necessary in life.  But now my younger sister also lives in the states with her husband.  My husband and I moved close to them and we are now just 1 mile away from each other.  It’s fun to be able to live close by.

The last few years, our whole family has been blessed to be able to spend Christmas and New Year together here in the states.  It was such a heart-warming feeling to be with all of them during such a joyous occasion.

In a few days, my youngest sister will be flying in for a vacation to last 5-weeks.  We are beyond ecstatic.  It’s been a while since the trio has been, in fact, that.